Anthony M. Ruotolo Photojournalism award by the Imaging Alliance Foundation | 2016, New York, NY

Planthouse Gallery
ThereIs No Narrative In Water | Solo Exhibition February 21 - March 7, 2019, New York NY 

North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival
 I and Thou | Group Show March 4 - March 28, 2019, North Dakota

North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival | Plains Art Museum
I and Thou | January 8- January 23, 2019, North Dakota

Planthouse Gallery
ThereIs No Narrative In Water | Group Show November 29 - December 29, 2018-2019, New York NY
E/AB Fair
There Is No Narrative In Water |  October 25 – October 28, 2018, The Tunnel, New York, NY

State of the Union

A History of Topography | February 1-March 1, 2018, Memorial Union Gallery

Social Senses

Self Immolation | August 12–September 13, 2014, SVA Gramercy Gallery, New York, NY

Mentors Show

Obfuscat | Obfuscare | March 21-April 4,2015, SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY

Look3 Festival

Obfuscat | Obfuscare | June 10-13, 2015, Charlottesville, VA


White Simulator | October 14, 2015, M1-5, New York, NY

Talking Issues

And Her Name Mother of Exile I-III | August 29-September 30, 2016, Memorial Union Gallery

Marilena Stavrakidis

Marilena Stavrakidis was born in Athens, Greece in 1991. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts BFA program. Her work, focuses on sociopolitical issues.
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